How To Battle Those January Blues At Work

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    January blues; the feeling that dawns on you, usually around the 2nd of the month, when Christmas is another 360 or so days away, nothing in your wardrobe fits thanks to that extra serving of Turkey and festive chocolate snacks, it’s always dark and cold outside and you have to make that last £100 in your bank account last another four weeks.
    Not to mention, many of us don’t get excited about the thought of returning to work after a few days at home with friends, family, food and festive films.

    That’s exactly why psychologists have declared 24th of January the most depressing day of the year, by that point in the month we are all ready for it to be summer!
    On the bright side, it can only go up from here, right?

    It’s difficult for employers to keep morale and productivity high this time of year, as most just want to slowly ease themselves back into work mode whilst others are dealing with flu, sick children, tougher than usual commutes thanks to the weather and all the other joys that January brings with it.

    There are some things you could try doing to keep that Christmas cheer going for a few more weeks more, and get your employees back on track for another successful working year.

    1. Treats

    Many workplaces already do this throughout the year, but treating employees to something at the end of the working week can really help motivate them and give them something to look forward to.

    Why not take them out for after work drinks, or buy the office lunch, or even just bring some sugary snacks in to be picked at throughout the day?

    1. Get outside

    Ensure that your employees make the most of the very little sunlight we get to experience during January by encouraging them to go outside during their lunch breaks.

    It may not always be convenient thanks to the weather, but even just a ten-minute walk and some fresh air can often make a huge difference to the mental wellbeing of your staff.

    1. Team-building

    What better way to kick off a new year than with a little teambuilding activity to welcome everyone back and get morale back up.

    A Friday afternoon quiz or a Monday morning game to boost team spirit and give everyone a bit of a break from the gruelling work schedule.

    1. Redecorate?

    This may not be an option for everyone but a new year is the perfect time for a brand-new look in the workplace.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean knocking down walls and hauling around furniture, it could simply be purchasing a few new plants or picking out a new colour scheme for the walls. A slight change of scene has been shown to boost morale and productivity, not to mention that it’s always nice to freshen up the work environment.

    1. Reward system

    Many businesses have reward schemes in place already for staff that consistently hit targets. But a great way to motivate employers from the offset of a new year is to offer those that perform all year around a big reward at the end, or smaller ones throughout the year.

    An employee of the month may win a small gift such as a bottle of wine or some shopping vouchers, then the employee that delivers all year may get a nice bonus in December.

    Showing your best workers some appreciation for their hard work is the easiest way to retain them and motivate others to step up too!

    If you would like some support or advice in dealing with low productivity or morale in the workplace, then our HR advisors have years of experience and a plethora of knowledge that they can offer you. Just call us on 0845 2626 260 to book a free consultation.

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