Are You Prepared For More Snow?

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    Every year we brace ourselves for the inevitable arrival of snow and this year is no different.

    Temperatures have already dropped below freezing and we haven’t even hit winter yet, not to mention the massive amount of snowfall we had just a week ago.

    Snow and ice are a major health and safety hazard, and as much as we all look forward to a white Christmas, we also know all too well the trouble that it can bring with it…


    The biggest cause of accidents, thanks to snow, is slipping on frost and ice – I’m sure we all have had a nasty fall in bad weather – but there are precautions you can put in place to reduce this risk.


    The roads can become a very dangerous place when it snows and, as an employer, you must ensure that employees are not travelling to work in treacherous conditions that could put their safety at risk.

    When it’s unsafe to drive into work, and there is no alternative method, then offer your employees the option to work from home or close the office for a day or two.

    At the very least, ensure that they are aware of the safe driving techniques in winter weather so that anyone who does have to drive into work is extra cautious when doing so.


    Over recent years schools are increasingly becoming health and safety conscious and should they have difficulty in providing adequate staffing levels, be unable to provide safe environments or adequate heating, it is likely that they may close until provisions can be put in place.

    As such, this can cause childcare issues for your employees.  As a responsible employer you may look to make home working a provision where appropriate or, alternatively, employees do have the right to dependant leave, which is unpaid time off to deal with emergency situations such as school closures or interruption to childcare provision.


    ‘Tis the season to be coughing and sneezing – and the colder it gets the more chance we have of catching a nasty cold or flu.

    If someone in the workplace has an illness, the best way to stop it from spreading is to encourage them to stay home until they are feeling better.

    However, this may not always be an option so there are some alternatives:

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