6 Ways To Encourage Mindfulness At Work

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    It’s clear that we are becoming a society governed by social media and accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle with instant results.
    If you want to get somewhere quickly then book an Uber and there will be a car outside waiting for you in less than 10 minutes. If you’re feeling hungry then with the click of a finger Deliveroo can have some food on your doorstop in under an hour. There’s even instant dating with Tinder and instant TV viewing with Netflix; we can get things done with little action and very quick results.

    This might sound great as an employer, but realistically this immediacy can be detrimental to the mindset of your staff.

    This is where the practice of mindfulness comes into place.
    It’s the practice of calm, patience and focus and it encourages people to acknowledge their present surroundings, thoughts and feelings for more than just a millisecond.

    It’s been proven that if employees are more mindful they are less likely to feel stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated and more likely to be productive and happy members of the workforce.
    In fact, research has shown that mindfulness can reduce fatigue by 26%, depression by 57% and improve sleep quality by 33% – and we all know that well-rested employees make for hard-working employees.

    But how can you incorporate and encourage mindfulness in the workplace?

    1. Encourage time away from the desk

    Regular breaks are important for a multitude of reasons including the fact that they enable your employees to take a moment away from their work and collect their thoughts.

    When engrossed in work for too long, you can actually feel uninspired, demotivated and very stressed so, by taking five minutes every couple of hours and stepping away from it all, your employees will end up being more productive with their time.

    1. Morning meditation

    This may not be possible in all workplaces, but if it is then why not consider introducing a meditation session first thing in the morning.

    At 9am every day, let your employees know that there will be silence for 5 minutes where you are encouraged to use that time to close your eyes, relax and focus on your breathing.
    This is a great way to get staff into a calm and focused mindset before starting their working day.

    1. Fresh air

    Make sure that all of your employees have the opportunity to leave the workplace – whether it’s on their lunch breaks, for cigarette breaks or even just a five-minute cool off before a meeting – and get some much-needed fresh air every single day.

    It can be quite disheartening to be sat in an office all day and not see a glimpse of daylight.

    1. Don’t overload employees with work

    The most important thing about mindfulness is focus. This translates into everything you do including work. The idea is that you should focus solely on one task at a time rather than juggling three or four.

    Ensure that employees have diaries and can record their ‘to do list’ on an hour by hour basis so that they are only doing one thing at a time.

    Please keep in mind that mindfulness should not be forced onto employees and just put forward as an option.

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