Four Ways To Maintain the Wellbeing of Your Staff

Mental health and work-related stress have been major talking points over the past few weeks as it was revealed that 300,000 people with long term mental health problems lose their job every year. These finding were based on a report called Thrive at Work, which reviews mental health and how it affects workers. As a […]

How to Handle a Sexual Harassment Claim

Over the past three or four weeks, the news has been filled with stories and allegations against shamed producer and executive, Harvey Weinstein, after it was revealed that he has a long history of sexual harassment towards Hollywood actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Lupita Nyong’o. This resulted in an eruption of discussion, and the […]

Eight Major Disciplinary Mistakes To Avoid

Unfortunately, in most businesses there will come a time when an employee misbehaves or breaks the code of conduct set by your business. When this occurs, it must be treated in accordance with your policy on discipline and within the Acas code of practice. If you do not go through your disciplinary procedure correctly, then […]

How to Better Manage Your Time at Work

Time just seems to fly by when you’re busy, and as an employer or business owner who has a vast number of responsibilities and a never-ending to-do list, the day’s probably all melt into one big blur. You may often find yourself getting into work 30 minutes earlier than you need to be, and staying […]

What Are the Most Common Causes of Workplace Accidents?

There were 693,702 non-fatal injuries in the workplace around the UK last year; 621,000 of which were self-reported, whilst the others were reported by the employer. A further 144 accidents reported resulted in the death of an employee. Amongst the causes, five stood out as being the most common and, potentially, the most lethal for […]

Employment Laws That Don’t Exist in the UK But Should

There are many labour laws in place in the UK that address issues such as pay, working hours, discrimination, pensions and so much more. Yet, there are still many areas within HR that aren’t covered by any laws and prove to become quite complicated, and seemingly unfair when left in the hands of employers. The […]

What Should You Have in A First Aid Kit?

A first aid kit is a legal requirement in every workplace but there is no mandatory list of what your first aid kit should contain. This should be decided by the employer based on their business needs – something which you can conclude following a thorough first aids need analysis. However, as a guide, there […]

How to Identify and Manage Under-Performance at Work

Underperformance, or poor performance, is when a member of staff isn’t meeting the standard of work that you expect or their productivity is low. But how do you identify this type of behaviour and what can you do to combat it? It’s usually quite easy to spot under-performance when you have a strong performance management […]

Fire Safety: How & Why You Should Conduct Regular Fire Drills

One of the biggest risks in the workplace, and one that isn’t always preventable, is a fire. If your office is based in a building that houses other businesses, the likelihood of a fire is increased as you cannot be sure that the other organisations in the building have the appropriate control measures in place. […]

How Do I Write A Method Statement?

A method statement, also referred to as a ‘safe system of work’, is a document that details how certain tasks around the workplace will be carried out to ensure that you are compliant and safe. It is a legal requirement for any business with five or more employees to have a written risk assessment and […]