Should You Provide Post-Interview Feedback to Candidates?

The #FightForFeedback campaign made the rounds across social media last year as candidates voiced their desire for post-interview feedback to be made a legal requirement for employers. In fact, surveys have shown that 77% of 18-23-year olds believe that feedback following a face to face interview should be mandatory and that 83% of candidates claim […]

What Is Leavism and How Do I Stop It?

What is Leavism? Leavism is when employees take annual leave but instead of taking a break from work, they use the time to catch up on their backlog. Often, they find that getting the work done out of working hours means they are not constantly interrupted by colleagues, calls or emails. Leavism is becoming more […]

Weird & Wonderful Health and Safety Rules in the Workplace

A recent survey by Spana, an international animal charity, has highlighted the most bizarre health and safety rules in workplaces around the UK. Of the 2,000 people polled, one in five revealed that they are not allowed to change light bulbs in the workplace. This is a fair health and safety rule as it does […]

A Recruitment Process That Works

As your business grows, or as it loses employees, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to start looking for new staff which can be a very tiresome process. But it plays a key role in making sure that you are moving in the right direction and building a strong team and an even better business. The […]

Are Zero-Hour Contracts Right For Your Business?

Zero-hour contracts have always been quite a controversial topic within employment law with many calling for it to be banned completely in the UK. Yet, they remain popular amongst many employers; in fact, it was recently revealed that over 900,000 UK workers are now on zero-hour contracts. Are zero-hour contracts right for you and your […]

Preparing For Staff Appraisals

It may seem a task that you just don’t have time for, but regular staff appraisals are important and a crucial part of a performance management system. If you aren’t already conducting these then we recommend that you get started right away. Appraisals are an opportunity for employers to review staff performance and set objectives […]

What is Employment Law?

The term ’employment law’ is used a lot in business and, as an employer, it’s very important that you not only understand the term but that you are aware of the issues that fall under this area of business management and how to appropriately oversee it. Employment law, in a nutshell, is the legal responsibilities […]

Top HR Advice for Managers and Employers (Part 1)

HR can be a minefield of red tape and legislation with employment laws always changing and often being quite open to interpretation.  It’s no wonder that HR managers, directors and anyone who deals with Human Resources can find the task daunting at times which is often why companies come to us for professional HR advice […]

How To Resolve Conflict Amongst Staff

When you put a group of strangers together, even in a working environment, the chances are that there will be conflict amongst them at some point.