How to Identify and Manage Underperformance at Work

Underperformance, or poor performance, is when a member of staff isn’t meeting the standard of work that you expect or their productivity is low. But how do you identify this type of behaviour and what can you do to combat it? It’s usually quite easy to spot under-performance when you have a strong performance management […]

Fire Safety: How and Why You Should Conduct Regular Fire Drills

One of the biggest risks in the workplace, and one that isn’t always preventable, is a fire. If your office is based in a building that houses other businesses, the likelihood of a fire is increased as you cannot be sure that the other organisations in the building have the appropriate control measures in place. […]

How Do I Write A Method Statement?

A method statement, also referred to as a ‘safe system of work’, is a document that details how certain tasks around the workplace will be carried out to ensure that you are compliant and safe. It is a legal requirement for any business with five or more employees to have a written risk assessment and […]

Twelve Amazing Job Perks That Really Exist

Picture your dream job. Maybe you’re lying on a beach, getting paid to travel the world and try different cocktails; or maybe you’re sitting in a plush top floor office overseeing a multi-billion pound business. Whatever your goal may be, there is one thing that they all probably share – amazing, mouth-watering perks that we […]

What Employee Documentation Do I Need For My Business?

Many employers find that there is one area of running a business that takes precedent and seems to be never-ending – paperwork! It’s extremely important that you are aware of what documentation needs to be in place when you start your business so that your employees, and your business, are protected from day one. These […]

Ten Recruitment Red Flags

The recruitment process can be a long and arduous task for any employer, but it’s extremely important and should not be taken lightly. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the process is carried out thoroughly and carefully as hiring the wrong candidate can waste a lot of time and money as well as cause possible […]

Why You Should Outsource Health and Safety

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, Why You Should Outsource HR Support, getting external support for your business has many benefits over hiring an internal team or individual. The Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999 requires every workplace to appoint someone in the role of ‘Competent Person’ when it comes […]

How Do I Prepare For An Employment Tribunal?

Being taken to an employment tribunal is quite a daunting process that no employer wants to experience so you should do everything in your power to avoid this situation from arising. But often, even if you remain compliant, stick by the law and treat employees fairly, you can still find yourself being taken to court. […]