How The General Election Result Could Affect Employment Laws

Last week we learned that the Conservative Party had won the General Election by quite a landslide, a result that shocked many and has a lot of people asking the question: what will happen now? There were many things outlined in the Conservative Manifesto, as well as policies and plans that were already in the […]

Elf and Safety Issues To Be Aware Of In The Workplace

Its December, and with Christmas just around the corner and the cold, damp winter season in full swing – we look at the Health and Safety issues your workplaces are bound to come across. Weather The HR and Health and Safety issues regarding winter weather are many! Lucky for you we have a whole blog […]

What Employers Need To Know About Workplace Bullying

According to ACAS, bullying and harassment complaints have steadily increased in the UK since 1998 and the costs associated with dealing with bullying amount to a staggering £18 billion. This blog will explore the issue of workplace bullying including an employer’s duties in tackling workplace bullying. What is workplace bullying and harassment? Although bullying and […]

Why Does Your Business Need a Food Safety Consultant?

This blog explains some of the key benefits a Food Safety Consultant will have on your business. All food business operators must comply with the letter and spirit of the Food Safety Act 1990 (as amended) and the Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations 2013 made under it. Guardian Support Ltd is an independent Consultancy with […]

Could The UK See More Protection For New Parents and Neonatal Leave?

Last month, the government announced plans to boost protection against redundancy for new mothers returning to work and pregnant women by extending it a further six months. This would provide them with up to two years of legal protection against redundancy. The decision, though not finalised, is being strongly considered after it was revealed that […]

What HR Services and Support Do Employers Need?

Employers have many hats to wear and responsibilities to juggle. From ensuring that their workplace is compliant with health and safety legislation to managing the finances of the business, it can be tough to keep on top of it all. One area of business management that is often treated as less of a priority, but […]

Is Music in the Workplace a HR Headache or Hero?

Companies are always trying to find innovative ways to improve the work environment and increase employee retention rates and the overall company culture so that employees are happier and more productive. Workplace perks and improved communication from management are some ways of tackling these issues, but could there be one simple addition to the workplace […]

What Alternatives Are There To Redundancy?

The decision to make an employee(s) redundant is a difficult one which is why businesses should consider alternative options before moving forward with any redundancies. It could be more advantageous to pursue alternative options as it can save you the time and hassle of the redundancy process, improve employee morale as it will show them […]

What Are The Different Stages in a Disciplinary Process?

When an employee has acted inappropriately at work or they have gone against company policy in some way and you decide to take disciplinary action, you will need to follow a strict process. It can vary depending on the severity of the misconduct, i.e. you can skip stages or add additional stages, just ensure that […]

What are the Most Popular Workplace Perks?

Workplace perks are a massively beneficial addition to businesses and, if chosen and executed correctly, it can help retain employees, attract new employees, make you an employer of choice and boost morale and productivity – especially if perks are awarded in return for strong performance. But how do you know which perks will have the […]