How To Best Implement A Homeworking Policy

Working from home, or working remotely, is becoming more and more popular as technology advances and workers aren’t required to be present in the office as much. The benefits for employees are obvious. No more treacherous commutes or office politics, access to home comforts throughout the day and flexibility to work hours that are more […]

Primark pays out £47k for transgender discrimination

Retail assistant Alexandra de Souza E Souza was dismissed from her job at the large high street chain after being harassed for being transgender. Alexandra informed Primark that she was transgender and that her birth name was Alexander when she applied for the role in August 2016. The company said that they would have to […]

Are Your Employees Entitled to a Kitchen in The Workplace?

In most workplaces, you’ll find that there is a kitchen, of some capacity, provided to employees including items such as a microwave, plates, cutlery and a fridge – at the very least. Whilst it is nice to have access to these provisions when at least a quarter of our day is spent at work, is […]

How To Write a Social Media Policy

Workplace policies allow employers to set guidelines and boundaries for their staff to ensure that the business runs smoothly online as much as it does offline. One policy that has only become necessary for organisations over the past ten years, is a social media policy (which could fall under your internet and email policy). A […]

Can You Put Restrictions on Toilet Breaks at Work?

If you’re concerned that employees may be taking excessive toilet breaks, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it. By enforcing any sort of rules or policies on toilet breaks, you could be putting yourself at risk of discrimination claims and grievances. First, let’s establish what is meant by excessive toilet trips. The average […]

How To Battle Those January Blues At Work

January blues; the feeling that dawns on you, usually around the 2nd of the month, when Christmas is another 360 or so days away, nothing in your wardrobe fits thanks to that extra serving of Turkey and festive chocolate snacks, it’s always dark and cold outside and you have to make that last £100 in […]

How Do I Handle a Request for Flexible Working?

Sometimes a workers’ circumstances change and to assist this they may need more flexibility with their job. Every employee, with at least 26 weeks service, has the right to request flexible working which includes working from home or changing their working hours whether this be their pattern of work or numbers of hours they work. […]

Are You Prepared For More Snow?

Every year we brace ourselves for the inevitable arrival of snow and this year is no different. Temperatures have already dropped below freezing and we haven’t even hit winter yet, not to mention the massive amount of snowfall we had just a week ago. Snow and ice are a major health and safety hazard, and […]

Six Tips For Inducting New Employees

Employee inductions are valuable and should not be taken lightly or considered unnecessary. The amount of effort and time that you dedicate to inducting a new member of staff can pay off with higher morale and productivity, fewer mistakes, and an increased probability of them staying with the company. Consequently, these higher retention rates could decrease […]