How To Resolve Conflict Amongst Staff

When you put a group of strangers together, even in a working environment, the chances are that there will be conflict amongst them at some point.

How To Terminate A Staff Contract

Terminating a staff contract can be a complex and uncomfortable workplace issue so it needs to be handled with care and in complete compliance with the law.

How Often Should You Give Your Employees a Pay Rise?

It’s the workplace HR issue that can make or break your staff retention rates, but does anyone really know the best way to handle staff pay? The legal position is that there is no legal right to a pay rise unless you stipulate it in the contract.

When Is It OK To Refuse Annual Leave?

With summer just around the corner, you’ll find that most of your workforce will start requesting annual leave for holidays, childcare or just some fun and relaxation in the sun. This can be a bit of a stress on some businesses especially when departments are small and at least one member of every team needs […]

Ten Things You Should Never Ask In A Job Interview

Job interviews are an essential part of the recruitment process and, for many, the final stage before deciding on who you should hire. This means that every question you ask must be well thought out, relevant and enable you to develop a strong understanding of the candidate and whether they would fit in with the […]